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Ceridwen Dovey
Photograph courtesy of Ceridwen Dovey

How Harvard reunions are cast in Ceridwen Dovey’s Life After Truth

5.27.20 | Alumni
Stephen Cook, Albert Fishlow, Margaret Kivelson, and Helen Vendler

Clockwise from top left: Stephen Cook, Albert Fishlow, Helen Vendler, and Margaret Kivelson. 
Photographs courtesy of Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences honors four alumni whose contributions to society emerged from their study at Harvard.

5.27.20 | Commencement

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(1 of 5) Untitled, Toni Morrison, 2006 by Robert McCurdy

© Robert McCurdy/National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; Gift of Ian M. and Annette P. Cumming


Alumnus-commissioned paintings of global luminaries are now a landmark gift to the National Portrait Gallery.

5.27.20 | Museums and Collections

An acute casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic


5.26.20 | News
At Home with Harvard: Harvard History through a New Lens

Accepted histories can always be reexamined in a new light, and this is just as true of Harvard’s history.

5.22.20 | At Home with Harvard
Shield of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Shield of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

During the pandemic, a virtual fellowship year looms.


5.22.20 | News

Photograph by iStock

Tests in macaques show robust protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus induced by either vaccines or natural infection.

5.20.20 | COVID-19

I. Glenn Cohen, faculty director of Zero-L, as he appears in the online orientation to law school.
Courtesy Harvard Law School


An online orientation encourages enrollment at an anxious moment for students—and universities.

5.20.20 | News
A yellow cab turns through an intersection directed by a police officer

Essential workers at highest risk of SARS-CoV-2  infection include cab drivers and police officers. 
Photograpy by iStock

Nearly half of early COVID-19 transmission was work-related—a cautionary note as the economy reopens.

5.19.20 | COVID-19
At Home with Harvard: Great Legal Minds

Our favorite stories on the legal minds reshaping American law

5.19.20 | At Home with Harvard